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Full Version: Live Sports Not Working
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A few weeks ago I was still running on Kodi 14 with no issues. However, after we upgraded to 16.1 and reloaded the build we are not longer able to stream ANY live sports. I have spent countless hours troubleshooting via YouTube and forum solutions but nothing has worked. Often I load new repos only to find that the suggested video add-on is not present.

All of the live streaming apps are there, they even show the events/games that we want to watch but when you try to open them it spends some time "working" and returns the following: "website request failed". or "one or more of the items failed to play. Check the log for more information about the message".

I have tried a fresh start and reinstalling the build but nothing seems to repair the error. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I think my husband might die without the live sports.
This forum is for support only with official Kodi

No help will be provided here for non-official Kodi community builds (like apollo)

You should search for help from those who make this build or from those who make the (probably illegal) add-ons you use to stream live sports
How are you getting your media? Bearing in mind our forum rules (wiki) on piracy and banned add-ons (wiki).