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Full Version: Advancedsettings.xml with 8GB RAM?`
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Someone who is better at hardware and code than I am; on the wikipage there is a great recommendation for video cache when you have 1GB of RAM - I am on W7x64 and have 8GB of RAM.

How would you modify this:

..if you were me?

Thank you in advance!
On Windows, Kodi is a 32-bit application, so I don't think it will ever use more than 4GB of RAM total.

More than the 400MB from example 4 won't likely make a big difference. The buffer just helps smooth out little network dips, but it won't help with something that is over-all slow.

If you really want to try something larger, maybe a buffer size of "629145600". That is 600 MB, which x3 (past, present, future) is 1800 MB, which is 1.76 GB. I wouldn't go above 3GB, though, because you want to leave some RAM for Kodi to do non-video cache things.