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Full Version: Resolution of stream in Krypton
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So, I am trying out the beta release of Krypton and I am confused; in Jarvis it was very easy to see if a video stream was 720P, 1080P etc.. Now: where?

Every stream just says 1.78:1 and when I go in under video settings every stream says 1280x756? That same stream says 1080 in Jarvis! In fact, all streams say 1280x756 - both those that said 720p and those that said 1080p/i in Jarvis.

The 1280x756 can't be my screen resolution can it? Because it is set to 720p and my TV recognises that it is set to 720P

Please let me know what gives, should you know. I am confused and that hardly ever happens when it comes to video streaming.

This is Krypton on W7 if that matters.
Your TV should report what resolution at what Hz you are currently viewing by pressing its info button.
Then you know without a doubt what you are rendering.