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Full Version: MatchCenter and SportsCalendar artwork needed
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Well, let's see if I have any luck. There are a few images that I need for both MatchCenter (259894 (thread)) and a new addon I am developing (sports calendar).

For MatchCenter:

This is basically an addon that brings livescores information to your screen. Mapped to a key it can provide an easy way to check livescores for soccer matches while you are watching a match (or any other video) in Kodi. So it presents artwork such as team logos and team kits. See images below:


I need two images to act as placeholders if no logos or no kits are available.

Something like this:


In 512x512 or 500x500 transparent png (no shadows and no 3D preferably just like any other team logo)

And something like this:


512x512 or 220x220 fully white (or light grey) kit.

For SportsCalendar:

As this is to be available for all sports on the database I would like to add a row of icons to the interface so users can easily enable/disable sports from being displayed on the calendar (see the top of the image below):


They should be 30x30 transparent png icons in two versions: fully white (not selected) and fully blue (selected - the color the default kodi skin uses - see dialog header). For the following sports:

-Football (or soccer Sleepy)
-American Football
-Ice Hockey

Sport should be easily identified by its icon (which means not like my football one).

Any help greatly appreciated Smile
Thanks in advance
Here's some using the images you provided.


Edit Changed images to links as to not take up so much page space.
Awesome thanks. Can you make them a bit lighter? They might get too similar to the background dialog.
I'll get them included in the next update.
Thanks much
I halved the darkness:

Thanks curswine, they are perfect now. I'll include both on the next update. Also updated first post.

Let's hope they're not needed.

I think all football logos in the world can be sourced as vector format or 512x512 as minimum.

And hopefully all TSDB should be up to date now also.

BTW the TSDB screensaver is brilliant, I think that's my new favourite thing.

Oh while you're here Enen92, the English League 1 (home to my favourite team) is not displaying in the league options, any ideas why? League 2 and Championship are both working.
Great find! I somehow missed it in a method should be fixed in the next update:


I will only push the next update to the repository by the end of next week or something. I have already pushed 2 updates recently and don't want to abuse on the repo maintainers Smile

edit: Also implemented the artwork placeholders you provided https://github.com/enen92/script.matchce...21f9edf038