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Full Version: PinSim (and MSF FightStick) XInput based DIY Game Controller for PC Pinball Games
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Can you please add PinSim (and maybe also MSF FightStick) as a game controller peripheral to Kodi / RetroPlayer?


PinSim is a DIY and open source XInput Game Controller for PC Pinball Games, for the DIY project done by Jeremy Williams, with the complete project build guide, along with free PCB links, wiring schematics, and 3D STL files, is hosted at Tested.com here:


Hardware for both PinSim and MSF FightStick another popular DIY game controller uses Teensy USB Development Board for Arduino with Teensyduino, and drivers are based on the MSF-XINPUT project that was originally written "MSF FightStick" and uses the generic xinput controller library:



Review of PinSim by Tested:


PinSim cabinet wasd originally designed it to play VR pinball games, but it works just as well as an interface for traditional flat screen pinball games.


PS: For a free Pinball simulator / emulator, checkout "Future Pinball" as well as the Pinball Simulator Database at PinSimDB.org



I generally only can do support for peripherals that I own. for example, peripheral.xarcade or peripheral.steamcontroller. If the source already exists, it's easy for me to make a driver. The Xarcade driver only took a day or two, but the steam controller driver took 4 or 5 because I had to translate the driver from python (and it's still not quite done yet).

As I mentioned in my signature, hardware donations are always welcome Smile
As I understand it, Pinsim just looks like an xbox 360 controller from the perspective of xinput. If so, what else needs to be done other than adding its unique identifier string to the list of supported xbox 360 clone controllers?