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Full Version: Graphics problem when streaming
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In my Windows PC I have Kodi installed for more than 2 years and it was working without any problem.
Few weeks ago, I started having a problem with the image during streaming, please see picture:


Basically the right part of the screen is disturbed as if a filter is applied on the image.
This problem happens only during streaming online (e.g. from youtube) but not when I play a movie from my hard drive. The rest of the software graphics (menus) is perfect.
I unistalled and installed again Kodi but nothing changed.

Any advice to solve it?
Many thanks in advance!
Your kodi is objecting to what you are playing. Its called the Trump effect.

More seriously how about a debug log (wiki)
Smile Smile It was the first video I found on youtube.
A little bit of reading: Forum Rules and Banned Add-ons and Repositories

No help from here as long as your Kodi is contaminated with this crap
I am very sorry, I should have been more aware of all these problems. As far as I could see I had only one add-on which is banned.
In any case I made a full unistall (deleting also any related folders) and a clear start but the problem persists..


P.S. My apologies again for any violation of the forum rules.