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Full Version: Movie Covert Art not showing from local files
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Hi All,

Sorry if this has been asked previously. I did search but couldn't find a definitive answer. I hope this is in the right section.

New to Kodi (I have V16.1), but not HTPCs.

I use Media Center Master to grab and create all metadata for my Movies and TV Shows.

I am using just Kodi, no add-ons (yet)

Other systems I have used work perfect with loading/showing the correct cover art for ALL movies (even changes), but I cannot get Kodi to work "perfect" for Movies (it seems to be OK for TV SHOWS).

I have probably 1/3 of the movies showing "movie frame grabs" for the "cover art" rather than the actual cover within the directory of the movie (Media Center Master creates both a folder.jpg and a poster.jpg file).

Under video, I selected FILES and added one of my movie directories. I set content to MOVIES. Under Content Scraper, I select LOCAL INFORMATION ONLY. Under Content Scanning I have the options MOVIES ARE IN SEPERATE FOLDERS THAT MATCH MOVIE TITLE and SCAN RECURSIVELY (as I have some box sets) selected.

Reading up on it, it seems the only way Kodi will re-scan all movies is to delete the database associated the movie files. So, I have tried to delete the DB so it would recreate. It does recreate but then some movies that had the proper cover showing, now don't show the cover, and some of the ones that didn't before, now show a cover. It is hit or miss. I also read somewhere to remove the cached jpg files, but they seem intermixed with actor images and other images, so I didn't want to touch those (yet).

Is there any options I can try to get Kodi to pick up the cover art properly?

Other systems I have used have background tasks that periodically (usually at startup) check all movie directories and refresh their databases with any changes. Is there an add-on that can do that (I understand Kodi will only add new content, rather than refresh)?

Any help/ideas/add-on recommendations greatly appreciated.