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Full Version: Kodi crashes after reboot if tvheadend plugin is enabled
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yesterday I managed to get tvheadend working with my DVB-C card. Then I configured the tvheadend plugin accordingly and I could watch TV - so far so good.
Unfortunately Kodi crashes the next time I boot my PC. I see the splash screen and home menu but after about 2 seconds Kodi crashes and then I'm back at the login screen.
To get Kodi working again I have to delete the userdata/addon_data/pvr.hts/ folder. Then I can setup the addon again and watch TV until the next reboot.

Below are some informations about my system, let me know if you need more input!

ASUS Maximus VI Gene mainboard
Intel Core i3-4130T CPU
Asus Xonar Essence STX soundcard
Digital Devices Cine C2/T2 DVB card

Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS set up according to fritsch's guide
kernel 4.4.0-3
tvheadend 4.0.9-12~ge5400e2~xenial
Kodi 17.0~git20160919.0200-1062eef-0xenial (nightly)
tvheadend addon 3.4.7-1~xenial

Kodi debug log after reboot

EDIT: seems like a recent kodi nightly fixed this issue.