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Full Version: Custom Background Pictures Not Saving
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Amazon Fire Stick - In AEON NOX skin I changed all of the menu background images to custom pictures I had saved from Google addon. I saved them in my Profile Directory > Library > Pictures folder. When I changed the background image for each menu item I used the path that leads to my Picture folder. When I'm done I cycle through the menu bar and every menu item has a different picture. Success correct? well when I log out of Kodi and log back in all of the background images are set back to default.... Is there something I could be missing which is not saving the images I set? Any advice would be helpful.


**Issue has been solved. I was able to save work by quiting Kodi from the Kodi Main Menu screen. Appearently I was backing out and of Kodi and closing it out by hitting Home button on the Firestick remote.**