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Full Version: Please close my account
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As the title says, could you please delete my account and any information I supplied at your earliest convenience.
Thank you in advance.
Thread moved to the correct section
Are you able to please delete my account and information too - Am having an account clean up.

Thank you.
I lost interest with the name change and forgot I had this account. At least XPEC or XPMC would have been more powerful then the child's toy that is Kodi.

- I attempted to remove the account myself but there is no option.
- I attempted to email privately but "Contact Us" directs me right back to the public forum.

Just looking to close this account. Thanks
and any other info. Thanks!
could you delete my account AS WELL....when you get a second..many thanx cheetah20
Please delete my account, all my data, threads and information, earliest convenience.
Thank you
Can you delete my account too please.
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