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Full Version: Please close my account
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Thank you in advance.
Please delete my account. Thank you in advance.
Since there isn't an option to delete my account on my own, please get rid of it for me. I've only been met with disrespectful comments without any help from anyone here. And I do not wish to be part of such groups.
No, you've been met with people who are utterly fed up with you disobeying the forum rules (wiki) by posting links to banned add-on (wiki) tutorials on YouTube. If you want respect you need to give it in return, or else we frankly don't want you as part of this community.

So as it's a mutual agreement, I've moved your post to the account closure thread and an admin will action it in due course.
my pleasure.
Hi guys, sticking this on here as I can't find where it should go.

Is there anyway to remove my account from this forum?

Can you delete my account?
both done
I found the solution to my question as well, Kib will you delete my profile also?
Thank you
Since people here don't seem to appreciate my being here and mis-understanding my posts, my account can be deleted/closed.
My logo packs for PVR can still be found at other places if needed.
Please delete my account.

Thanks in advance.
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