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Full Version: Please close my account
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You guys are a joke rules this rules that just delete my account
I'm sure someone will do so happily given your asshat attitude. I don't have that power. However you could simply never visit or post again and it will have the same effect.
please delete my account. Thanks
(2017-06-06, 21:05)Shani-08 Wrote: [ -> ]please delete my account. Thanks

You have posted to Delete my account

You have posted to Change my username. https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid...pid2598828

It can't be both. Which is it then?
Delete sorry
attempt to elude authorities? pretty sure this stuff is all cached somewhere...
And/or just leaving the scene
I hope I don't have to defend the case here.
The jurisdiction doesn't apply to me, I am not in US , there was no restreaming from adddon it was app parsing etc etc,
This just been a wake up call for me tbesides I was spending too much time.
So just closing this chapter everywhere. Hope I get my account deleted. Thanks
I am open for correction, but my understanding is that the account is closed and no longer accessible. All posting history still remains visible.
That's fine with me. Please go ahead.

Could you close my account, plésé

Thank you
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