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Full Version: Please close my account
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Hi there,

How do i delete my account here on Kodi forum?

This thread is normally used, but account closed.
please delete my account. Thank you
Please delete my threads and posts (including this post) and delete my account - thank you.
closing your account is no problem, but deleting threads / posts is something we'd rather not do...
when a thread you started gets deleted, all the replies to that thread from other users will be deleted as well.
and we rather not start deleting posts from random users :-)

this is a limitation in the forum software we use.
Please close/delete my account please.

Thank you.
Could you close my account asap.
No way todo this through the interface? Please delete my account, posts, comments etc as this community makes me pull my @#%$@ hair out.

Thank you
Account closed, although we do not delete posts and threads, as noted above.
Great!!! Thanks.
Can you please delete my account.
Thx for a great piece of software!!!!
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