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Full Version: New to hdhomerun, questions.
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I am picking up a hdhr connect tomorrow Smile me!
been researching still have questions:

1) does the kodi hdhomerun addon support pause and time shift at all?

2) is recording, a soon to be added feature or is it a maybe someday, hopefully, but don’t hold your breath thing?

3) if timeshif is not available what is my simples option on a mac as server to linux boxes?

Time shif is a must, record would be nice but can hold off for now if need be.

Thanks for the help
1) not at the moment 2) silicondust.com/shop 3) see #2
thank you for the reply.
that is as i feared.
the hdhr dvr sounds like it is far away also and i was hoping to stay within kodi.
now i will look at mythtv now, that looks scary.
thanks again
Don't fear. I have been using it since it was released. I would consider it very polished. It all works within kodi and has a nice interface.
i got my HDHR sooner than expected Smile
i have been trying to set it up for started just using the kodi add-on.
already having issues.
this is on a mac
may i ask for more help in set up here/now?