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Full Version: Noob in need of help
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I have a HR Prime working on WMC running on Win 7 perfectly. I configured ServerWMC (latest stable version)

The issue is, Cablevision broadcasts the HD channels on 702, 704, 707 so forth and so on....
On my Raspberry pi 3 running OSMC with the MPeg2 licence, I enable the PVR.WMC and ir picked up a ton of channels however none are HD when played, so I thought Id go down to the 700's. well the 700 channels are missing, no matter what I do I just cant get any HD content.

can anyone help!
Guessing you are on a prime. I just made the switch from cablevision to FiOS - where are you located? If you want to keeep this private I understand. I can help you get it working.

may be best to move this to the serverwmc sub forum. that okay with you?