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Full Version: 4K playback
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Hello (and sorry if I'm rehashing an existing topic, didn't find anything when searching for x265 and can't do a search for 4K because of sub-3 letter forum limitations),

I have obtained a 4K video encoded at 35Mbps. My TV is only 1080p, but I figured that the increased bitrate does no one any harm even if I can't see it in full resolution.

In MPC-HC this video plays just fine. In KODI it stutters significantly. I am running it from a PC that has a Skylake Pentium G4400, 16GB RAM and an AMD R9 390, so although I don't have hardware X265 decoding support, I think it should work just fine with 40-70% CPU usage (which is what I get when I view it in MPC-HC).

So, any ideas? Smile Is there some specific setting I should check?

Thanks in advance!
Kodi is 32 bit.
MPC-HC you installed is probably 64 bit.
GPU upgrade with HEVC hardware decoder is what worked for me.
No CPU load and renders perfectly on the highest bitrates.