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Full Version: Local Video Oraganization
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I'm uploading my video collection under movies and the only section that looks similar to my external hardrive is under genre. The only problem is that because of the genre settings from IMDB, movies are put into multiple genre folders so there is a lot of repetition. Is there are way under movies to keep the genre folders but make the movies only show up under that one folder?
Couple of ways of handling this situation, let me outline a couple and suggest there are even more for you to discover.

a) The IMDB genre's returns this information in the .nfo file, which can be edited directly or handled with a 3rd party scraper like Ember (there are others) this is a manual one at a time effort, but with the help of one of the 3rd party managers can be quick work.

b) Create genre folders for each source, crime, thriller, etc... so in effect you would end up with the same number of sources as genre. You would dump each movie into the folder of genre it fits, and tease all this out with a smart playlist according to path of the source. Access would be either smart Playlist or file-mode.

I prefer method b) which is exacting, as it still offers me the ability to use the scrapers multiple cross genre lists, which is just plain more choice.