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Full Version: Kodi not picking up NFS served by Linux Mint?
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am running Linux Mint on desktop, where i've set up to share a video folder over NFS to kodi (Jarvis; which has been loaded onto Amazon fire stick). To this end, i've installed nfs, and set up my /etc/exports file to include all access on the local network:
like this:


i've rebooted, and nfs daemons are working. checked via the following command:

showmount -e
gives the following correct result


when i go to Kodi (located on as checked in it's settings), and add video files, browse nfs networks, NOTHING shows up! I've even tried entering the servers IP addr ( and still nothing shows.(kodi says network not detected etc).

(note my desktop pc runs linux mint 17.3; and is connected to a wifi router provided by the cable internet provider; which serves wifi just fine to my amazon fire stick).

Any suggestions? what am i missing?
CLOSED: I Hadn't set up GUFW (firewall) on server to react differently to incoming requests on LAN. SORRY AND THANKS.