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Full Version: Kodi video freezing, audio tries to stutter forward, only on movies.
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I have a Windows 7 HTPC running Kodi 16.1. All of my files are streamed over a Gigabit connection from another desktop. I have been running this setup for years without a problem. TV shows still work perfectly, but for the last month or so, when I try to watch a movie I can only get maybe half way through a movie before the video freezes up. The audio will continue to play in little half second clips with 3-4 second pauses in between, but the video stays frozen. I can pause, and then stop the movie to get back to Kodi, though it usually takes a few seconds for the commands to respond. Restarting the computer is the only way to continue watching. Otherwise, it will freeze up again quickly into the movie. I thought I might be having an overheating issue because the CPU was reading hot, so I cleaned and reinstalled thermal paste which brought the temps way down, but the problem continues. Anyone have any insight into this? Thank you!
Is there somewhere else this question would be better suited, or is everyone just stumped?

Not sure if this is the same issue or not. I had and issue where when I would play big files like a bluray iso and would pause the movie to watch another day it would have the same stutter issue. After digging and digging and testing several settings, I tried changing the video setting "Adjust display refresh rate" to "Always" the issue went away.

Worth a try anyway.
(2016-09-25, 18:24)Wakeboarder141 Wrote: [ -> ]Anyone have any insight into this?

Probably not without a debug log (wiki) showing the issue.
Here is a log file from when the problem happened. http://paste.ubuntu.com/23291656/
I'm having similar issue with playback, audio and video get out of sync and every 10-15 seconds the video disappears. This happens only when I play using Kodi. When I go to Media center instead of Kodi on my player (KDlinks A300) I have no issues with playback. It seems to me the issue is with software, not hardware decoder.This happens only when playing media files such as avi, mp4, mkv, especially if they are on an external USB drive (using both USB3 and USB2 connection). No issues when playing ISO files.
Mine happens only on movies, not on tv show MKVs, and restarting my HTPC will always fix it at least for a movie or two so I am thinking mine is more than likely related to the HTPC itself. I just can't seem to find the culprit.