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Full Version: A Blonde Password Moment
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I lost my password.

Koditv forum emailed me a new password.

I went to Control Panel to change my password

The first entry was to enter my OLD password - but I don't know it - right?

So I couldn't change my Password.

What did I miss here? Any suggestions?
you can do a password reset if you'd like.
log out of the forum, click the 'lost password' link on the login screen.
when you do a password reset and you get a password BLABLABLA
then that is obviously now your OLD password in the dialog ...
Thank you for the suggestions.

They don't work. However, it seems that the system is recognizing my new password without having to go through the password reset procedure, as I got in this time without any difficulty with the new password forwarded to me and without resetting that new password.