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Full Version: LiveTV Pixelation on HD Homerun Prime
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hi all,

I've got HD Homerun prime - right now hooked in with coax.
I have an mcard but it's not being used at the moment. Will probably hook it in tomorrow.

Running and piped into Kodi in a few places.

First, I've got the HD Homerun add-on running in videos section.
it looks pretty good. 119 channels with my particular service.

Second I've got the HD HomerunPVR running - TV Section activated.
same 119 channels show up but only the main channels are listed with names.
The others are blank, like 5092 unknown.

Anyway, my question is this:
I'm seeing pixelation of live tv.

Not sure if it's related to using coax instead of cable card / mcard.
Not sure if it's related to settings on app or live tv.
My internet is Fios 100mb up and down. Speed confirmed around that mark.
I've got kodi sideloaded onto amazon firetv.
All cabled up via ethernet.

Any ideas?

Anyone have experience with this, or, more importantly, how to fix it?

Thanks! appreciate any info.

I had a similar issue with the HDHomerun Connect/Extend and pixelation. To fix I did a couple things, first updated to the latest firmware (20161119). Also replaced the sideloaded HDHomerun app with the beta app since the main HDHomerun View app was pulled (its a separate app so uninstall HDHomerun View from the FireTV). Finally, I changed the default transcode profile to 'none'. If you set the transcode profile to 'none' without updating the clients you will get stuttering.
Experienced some skipping on my FireTV. Hmm. Putting the transcode profile to 'heavy' seems to have helped.
I have to correct my previous answer. The only fix for me was upgrading from a HDTC-2US to a HDTC-2US-M. This is due to my router running in wireless N mode. In N mode, only the HDTC-2US-M will stream HD over wifi, the HDTC-2US cannot.