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Full Version: No artist/song metadata while using radio addons
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Dear Kodi users,

I've installed the Kodi 17 (got same situation on PC and on RPI3, on PC its Kodi 17 B3, on RPI3 latest LE) and while using the radio plugins (no matter which one e.g Radio addon or Tune-in) I do not get the artist/song metadata on the screen while playing. I've tried almost everything. Could someone help me to find the reason of it, or tell me what I'm doing wrong ? Maybe some crucial addon/script/dependency I'm missing ?

Thank You very much for help.
Assuming you're getting ICY streams, you should get at least the artist & track name in the track area of the fullscreen music visualisation (provided that info is embedded in the stream).

As it happens I have written a streaming radio helper add-on that takes you from something like this


to this


However, it does require that the artist and track info is present in the stream. Both the screenshots were taken whilst playing 'Planet Rock' via the rad.io add-on. That station is no longer listed on their site, but the station number is 3261 and you can start it via that if you want to test that the metadata is present.

Alternatively, if you want to give me a URL to a station I can check if it's sending metadata in the stream ( a good thing to test with is by opening the stream in VLC).
Guys as this is addon talk, mind if I move it.
It doesn't matter which station it is (977 or ABC lounge etc.) - I know that they should have the stream info (I listen to them on TV or PC players, and there is no problem with metadata). I've just installed on fast the Kodi16 and I didn't do anything more that installing the radio addon. I've pick the first station from the top list (977) and the artist/title shows without any problem. Why it doesn't work then in Kodi17 ?

thank You.