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Full Version: Instructions to unistall Kodi
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I'm going through the learning process with Ubuntu, so please do check with someone who knows what they're talking about, but.....

In the wiki for How to install Kodi on Linux the uninstall instructions in section 1.6 says:

Then remove the settings folder to remove all settings and library data. This will not delete any videos or music, but just the settings and library data itself:

rm ~/.kodi/

When I tried this the terminal replied "cannot do this to a directory". Google says that command only works if the directory is empty and to use the following command which did work for me. So, either I've screwed up my system or the wiki could be updated?

rm -r ~/.kodi/
Yeah, Linux won't allow you to remove a directory that isn't empty, so the wiki is indeed wrong !!

rm -rf directoryname
will remove a directory and all its contents, including other directories and files. That's assuming that your user has the necessary rights to delete the files and directories - ie they are your users files and directories.

This can seem a bit of a pain at first, but it helps stop you deleting stuff by mistake. There's no trashcan for command line deletions Wink
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thx! updated the wiki.