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Full Version: video posters for movies on external drive
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I have a external hd that i have movies on. Instead of seeing the movie titles is there a way to have movie posters instead of the titles? U click on the picture and the movie starts. I had a old box (pivos) that did this?
Have a look here on how to scan videos into the Library.
Also on the movies list page, press left on your remote to bring up the blade menu and the option at the top of that can be used to switch the view used. Normally the default one is the list view you mentioned, but there are others there which are more visual and make use of posters or fan art etc. This presumes that this metadata is available for the media, relating to the scraping that @Tobor mentioned above.
(2016-10-03, 22:18)Tobor Wrote: [ -> ]Have a look here on how to scan videos into the Library.

Looks complicated? Theres no where where i can see on how or where to download the posters and add them so it will work? on my pivos all i did is download the movie pictures and it added them to the movie. using thumb gen
I guess someone directed you to the Kodi forum, and with that in mind there's a good probability you have some sort of PC. If this is true, try the appropriate Kodi software from the download links top left of this page. It should run out of the box on most modern systems, pick your source drive and let Kodi bring all the meta-data, and you will be in second heaven. Check this First time user (wiki) and a few of the wiki's below..
The main item to get right (and the main point that people fail on) is getting the file naming and structure right so that the scraper can correctly identify the movie or show and match it up with the relevant metadata in its database.

There are some wiki notes to help with that - naming video files (wiki).

Once you get that right almost everything else is automatic and Kodi will take care of it once you tell it to do a library update (wiki).
i'm running my external drive via USB3 through my files on the home page of the Q5 pro and still have no movie posters showing up. not using kodi for movies.
So your using the builtin media player on one of these? If that's the case I have no idea they don't supply any documentation on their website, maybe read the manual if it came with one. This has nothing to do with Kodi.
exatly thats why i was asking how to get thumbnails or posters via hd on my files off the box Q5 pro in my files