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Full Version: How to show language in movie list/information
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I've searched this for a while now, but haven't found a solution for my problem so far.
The problem is that I have several movie files with Norwegian as the single spoken language.
Take the movie Cars, for example. It's called Biler in Norway, as "biler" is Norwegian for "cars" (duh!:-)).
But when scanning my movie folder, it comes up as "Cars", and is not recognized as movie with Norwegian language, either by a country flag or by the movie title in that country. Not when using "Cars (2006).avi" (which is obvious), and not when using "Biler (2006).avi" (which also is expected, since the scraper sort of have to focus on a single language). But is there any way to set this in an .nfo file with the same name as the movie file, that specifies what language it is? Or by a suffix in the file name? I've tried (no) and (nor) as suffixes, without getting it to work.

Thanks for any help!

EDIT: Was originally posted in the video support sub-forum, and has been deleted there.