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Full Version: Extract Movie Video Database to seperate files
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I think it would be good if the backup DB was modified as an extra option to Backup the info to seperate files of MovieFileName.nfo. That way we could get the info from the internet back it up and then copy the backup files to the same place as the movie so it wouldn't have to keep looking up the info again and hammering IMDB or even getting the wrong info or having to pick exactly what movie it was if you do one at a time.

I know we can just do it manually but it would be quicker to do it the first time this way and also easier to change the details if we want.

Obviosly if reading info files worked for TV as well it would also be a good option
I agree an automatic solution would be more agreeable. I think JM spoke of this with regard to the wiki:

While its effective a pressing point twords automation would be changes in the database would/should be automatically reflected in the files the system produces.
I have export to separate nfo files (for movies + musicvids) coded up.

There's some issues to think through though, as discussed with Jezz_X earlier:

1. Should the .nfo files be placed next to the .avi files? If so, what about unwritable shares (upnp for instance) - if we export elsewhere, what do we do with filename handling?

2. Do we overwrite .nfo files that exist? Do we prompt? Do we ignore? What if we just want to export the "new" information since last export - how do we accomplish this?

I'm sure there's more issues to consider as well as these.
How about have 1 additional directory XBMC looks at in the userdata directory (IE-Userdata\nfos or nfo) when it's backing up or restoring, and if ones exists there, it will add it, or else it also looks at whatever video's directory when making like it does now. And if possible since xbmc has ftp client support (not sure what extent), XBMC could use 'if exists' command when backing up, or you could also just automatically have XBMC save nfo files in the new Userdata\nfo directory no matter.
Thats way when we backup our Userdata, thats NFO dir would also now be automatically backed up as well. Since we already choose to save thumbs as well, so all the snapshots will be there already.
The problem with that is we have to worry about fatx limitations when saving nfo files, thus there is no 1:1 relationship. Also, saving purely based on filename is no good for dvds etc. And saving based on something else (CRC for instance) severely restricts usability.

Furthermore, I don't really see the advantage over nfo files in userdata versus just having the database or the exported XML lying there.

Ouch, i was forgetting about the fatx limitations. Yea, that would be a problem. Shoot.
The only reason i thought about keeping the spare backups in a 2nd dir that xbmc looks for is because currently, when i need to keep a backup, i backup my userdata dir (thumbs mostly) and also my db's, and when i need to restore everything perfectly w/thumbnails and all, i copied everyting back over (thumbnails) and restore my db (using option in settings), and all my info/video thumb's are all right back to where i had them. So i figured since that already works great, it might help to also keep the nfo's in the same spot we already use. Maybe i'm not thinking that far outside of the box. My bad. Oh well. I'm glad i'm not an xbmc programmer, i can only imagine the debugging you guys go through to keep things all in still working order when added new stuff. Phew!!!
I like to second this request, (though obviously it will work much better on network shares than on local Xbox shares).

I like to add though that it would also be nice to get the thumbnail extracted as well, in the same way and location.



PS! I think I requested this before but I can not find that post right now.
Is there a tag, or a way that xbmc can use the current title already in place to use the same filename, since the files would already be using the fatx char limit? And duplicate it to using it as the nfo backup filename. I also second the idea about backing up the picture thumbs in a similar manner, in time.
Id be all for replacing an existing nfo, that way I could place an IMDB link etc. and then have it export the data to the file overwriting the simple IMDB url nfo file. As for FatX limiting.. one would think much like the FTP option that if limiting was turned off in settings it would not affect a filename (of course this is where I am told they are two different animals etc.) as for the directory (SMB other) being writable a simple unable to process message would suffice for that and a prompt if it exists.
I'm still for a popup browse dialog on where to save them too with a static item in it for "Same Folder as Video" that sticks it in the same place as the video its for (providing the paths are writable)
And then people can also choose to extract it to their xbox or if they have things that would hit limits then maybe they could make 1 share thats writeable and extract there and manually put them with the video files. And if they can't be bothered with all those options tuff luck don't use it
What do we do with video_ts.nfo? I guess we can special-case that (using folder name), but I'm sure there are other use cases that come up.

Ofcourse, we could always save it as <movie name>.nfo and don't bother at all about trying to match to the filename.
Yeah, thats what i meant by using the tag/movie name to save the filename as. And saving the files under the same movie directory would be fine. As long xbmc can automatically look at that directory when grabbing them from "Import".
djdafreund Wrote:....As long xbmc can automatically look at that directory when grabbing them from "Import".
Thats how it works now if you have the .nfo file next to a video like a .tbn file for covers the scraper reads it instead of looking on the net
I know, i just meant as long as that doesn't change. I'm not always good with words.
my Original idea is add an extra option to settings not replace the current one the current one is for backing up everthing and restoring not creating pre made .nfo for scraping across multiple machines

The main reason i asked for this is I use normal xbox win32 for skinning and linux versions and its a quick easy way to keep the movie database correct on all of them
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