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Full Version: Kodi Krypton v17 beta 3 malware?
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Hi all,

I have a big problem, kodi v17 b3 giving malware warning and erases The file imediatly why is that?
Maybe try a more reliable anti-malware program!
I use Kaspersky it The best so please give me a serious answer
Check source code and compile yourself if you´re suspicious.
You should post your question in Kaspersky forums. Wink
I am not suspicious problem is it's impossible to install it without uninstalling Kaspersky
If you download the Kodi setup from the official site the setup is clean and have no malware or virus or anything else. If you are unsure dig through the code and compile the source yourself.

Sometimes Virusscanner and Malwarescanner thinks they found a virus or malware because they use an algorithm to detect unknown code virus or malware.

So you can trust the Kodi devs and mark the software as trusted in your scanner or ask the Kapsersky guys what you should do. The issue is your scanner and not Kodi. Maybe disable Kaspersky during install mark Kodi as
trusted and enable Kaspersky.
Thanks for a professional answer