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Full Version: NRJ addon
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Hello everybody,

First i would like to start by saying this is my firt post on this forum, so if i am in the wrong place please let me know.

I am new to Kodi, i have been playing around with this on computer and Pi3...i have to say i am learning new stuff every day, and i absoluty love this!!!!

Now the quesiton:

I am trying to run NRJ Radio (which i think is part of Kodi repo), but it does not want to play inside Kodi....i can listen to it on my computer but not inside Kodi...

Here are a few line from the log if i can be of any help:

PHP Code:
19:27:13 T:3448   ERRORCCurlFile::Stat FailedHTTP response code said error(22) for http://cdn.nrjaudio.fm/triton1/fr/30017/aac_64.flv
19:27:13 T:3448  NOTICEDVDPlayerOpeninghttp://cdn.nrjaudio.fm/triton1/fr/30017/aac_64.flv
19:27:13 T:3448 WARNINGCDVDMessageQueue(player)::Put MSGQ_NOT_INITIALIZED
:27:13 T:3448 WARNINGDXVA::CProcessorHD::PreInit failed to get video devices.
19:27:13 T:3448  NOTICECWinRenderer::Preinit could not init DXVA processor skipping
:27:13 T:9040  NOTICECreating InputStream
:27:14 T:9040   ERRORCCurlFile::Stat FailedHTTP response code said error(22) for http://cdn.nrjaudio.fm/triton1/fr/30017/aac_64.flv
19:27:14 T:9040   ERRORCCurlFile::Open failed with code 404 for http://cdn.nrjaudio.fm/triton1/fr/30017/aac_64.flv
19:27:14 T:9040   ERRORXFILE::CFileCache::Open failed to open source <http://cdn.nrjaudio.fm/triton1/fr/30017/aac_64.flv>
19:27:14 T:9040   ERRORCDVDPlayer::OpenInputStream error opening [http://cdn.nrjaudio.fm/triton1/fr/30017/aac_64.flv]
19:27:14 T:9040  NOTICECDVDPlayer::OnExit()
19:27:14 T:3448   ERRORPlaylist Playerskipping unplayable item61path [plugin://plugin.audio.nrjradio/?action=play&url=nrj-clubbin-.html&image=http%3A%2F%2Fplayers.nrjaudio.fm%2Flive-metadata%2Fplayer%2Fimg%2Fplayer-files%2Fnrj%2Flogos%2F640x640%2F_NRJ_Clubbin.png]
19:27:15 T:3448   ERRORCCurlFile::Stat FailedHTTP response code said error(22) for http://cdn.nrjaudio.fm/triton1/fr/31419/aac_64.flv
19:27:15 T:3448  NOTICECDVDPlayer::CloseFile()
19:27:15 T:3448  NOTICEDVDPlayerwaiting for threads to exit
19:27:15 T:3448  NOTICEDVDPlayerfinished waiting 

Is there something i am doing wrong or something i am missing?

Thanks in advance for the help.