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Full Version: Intermittent very jerky video playback (field reversal)
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This happens sometimes in the middle of watching a movie or something, and sometimes goes away, sometimes not. Most the time it does not happen.
It appears to be identical to how it looks when (in the old days) you playback video media where the fields have been reversed... upper and lower fields being played back in reverse order...
so what it looks like is that you see the motion go backwards for 1/25th of a second then go forwards, then back for 1/25th again etc... so the motion is very jittery juddery stuttery jerky...

I have looked in settings but don't see anything obvious that might be able to solve that. Are there any settings I can try or do I have to try catch it with debug on? It would be good if there is something I can try without having to go through the debugging process.