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Full Version: Kodi has way oversaturated colors
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Top: VLC
bottom/middle: Kodi 16.1
bottom: Kodi 17 beta 3

Since a week or so kodi displays the colors way oversaturated (or atleast too yellow). I have changed nothing on my computer: No driver changed, didn't update kodi nothing.

How can i fix this.
Either you haven't made it abundantly clear with some sort of dotted line and a proper colour test target, or I've got a screwed up monitor and TV set-up. If there is colour variations, then you might investigate 'limited colour range settings' in system. Video levels and color space (wiki) To answer your question of why there should be any variation in colour saturation might have more to do with the driver, than Kodi. Kodi just throws up the data at the graphic engine, and it's that part of your system that takes over and turns it into an HDMI digital signal. Try software rendering and see if that changes anything for you?

[Edit} I'm moving this off to video support.
Toggeling between limited color ranges only makes the video look whitewashed. It doesn't fix the overly saturated colors. Changing to software rendering (or any rendering) didn't change a thing.
I also don't feel comfortable changing something in my video driver since every single other video player does not show this issue.

And how can you not see the difference? Have you seen the pictures I posted? I know the forums show only the top bit of the images but on imgur there are 2-3fhd screenshots pasted below each other in the same image. Here is a direct link to the album: http://m.imgur.com/a/rwwOd
Ok your direct link make it abundantly clear what you're up against. (suggest you pull the first post images and replace it with the link) Prior I would have said to check your cable connections. It does look like something is influencing your colour spectrum. Do you have some sort of after effect or video correction setting in your graphic card? I limit all colour space corrections to the actual final panel display and don't seem to have this problem. This definitely looks like a Video levels and color space (wiki) issue off-hand, but we need to establish what a debug log would show, so if you could be so kind to supply a proper debug log to a public paste-bin and that URL linked back to this thread. log (wiki) might be good to have the video/ffmpeg component logs on.
I don't know what happened, how it happened or why it happened. I just enabled logging, started to play a video and the issue is resolved. Colors are back to normal: http://imgur.com/a/Ubbjq

Literally the only thing that changed is that nVidia pushed a new game-ready driver (373.06). So that might have done it, I don't know.

So this can be marked as a non-issue.
If you can conclusively say the graphic driver update was the solve, I'll mark the thread solved, otherwise I'll leave it open for others to mull over.
I can't say that the driver update solved the issue without doubt, but it's the only variable that I can think off that changed. I didn't even reboot, only sleep modus in between creating this pst(at whch th eissue was occuring fr a week) or changed any other software on my system.

So yeah, my issue has been resolved after installing a new video driver, but i have not the expertise or the experiance to say that the issue was occuring in the driver software to begin with. Because any other video player didn't display these oversaturated colors.
Nvidia supports different colour space settings per application. I guess that they somehow were set wrong for Kodi.