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Full Version: [Feature Request] Date Added = Release Date
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I would like an option to set 'Date Added' as 'Release Date'

Maybe also have an option to set files & folder Modified File Date to Release Date?
what would be the use case of such a feature?
this would allow movie sorting like plex. right now kodi only sorts by year, alphabetical. so all of 2017 movies a-z, then 2016 movies a-z etc. we want plex-like sort by release date, so that all movies are listed in chronological order. i want to see my newest movies first, not an a-z jumble
AFAIK, Kodi allows "Sort by Date added (Asc/Desc)" right now.
Aside from Kodi, I'm not sure how tmm currently sorts movies with the same year when sorted by year. Neither alphabetical nor by release date. If it can be sorted by release date when sorted by year, that might be a compromise and a useful addition.
There seems to be an ongoing discussion here: 230336 (thread)
The best and easiest approach would be, Kodi (and TMM) support more search options, and not to modify file system dates.