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Full Version: Kodi chapter timestamp/ thumbnail issue
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Wondering if anyone can help? I'm using kodi Jarvis on nvidia shield tv. The one issue I've never been able to resolve is the chapter/ bookmark option. I have a library of blurays in MKV format, remuxed through various versions of MakeMKV over the years. When I bring the chapter window up whilst playing a film, the chapter thumbnails displayed are from a few milliseconds before the start of the next chapter i.e. the thumbnail shown is from the end of the previous scene and not the first frame of the next chapter. The video consequently also starts a few milliseconds before where it should...the first frame of the next chapter. Really irritating as using chapters is pretty useless and confusing like this. I've also found that this isn't related to the current skin I'm using (Aeon MQ7) as the same problem exists within the stock Confluence skin. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.