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Full Version: upnp tvshows - watched status does not work
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I have a upnp kodi server (16.1) on windows 10.

On my clients wih Kodi 16.1 I can access all the movies and tvshows. With movies everything is fine. With tvshows there are 2 problems:

1. The watched status does not work. Kodi doesnt remember how much I already watched of an episode. I first have to close the client and start it again and then these information are updated.

2. If there is a tvshow with only 1 season I get no cover for this season. The same for specials.

Is this a bug? Should I try Kodi 17?
At least one of those is a known bug. The server knows you watched the episode, but the flag won't update on the client until that Kodi client relaunches.
I have found the ticket: http://trac.kodi.tv/ticket/16680

I read through all the posts but I am unsure if this bug is really fixed (for Kodi 17) Huh