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Full Version: More Custom Menu Items
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hi ronnie, do you think its possible to add some more custom menu items? actually there are only three of them and i already used them all.

This question pops up occasionally, I'll point out 10 sub menu's for each custom button, and then a raft of sub menus in the other menu buttons.. maybe over 100 potential items linked to favs, folders and add-ons. I think you have to get over the limited top page buttons, To have a screen-full of buttons they would have to be very small or scroll along or obscure the fanart and I like T! just the way it is. There is the possibility of turning one or more existing buttons into a custom fit, but it would be entering the skinning area, and at that point you might be better off in another skin (check the links in my sig)

BTW:how many extra custom buttons are we taking about?
Funny I came to see if you gave in to this yet. I've asked for this before & gave up on this skin because you can't customise the Home screen without editing all the files. I went threw all the trouble to edit the skin a couple times, but every time there's an update or an addon changes the links, you have to do it all again. Easier to just use a skin that can be customized than waste hours on editing a skin.

The problem with your lack of customization is there is only 3 custom home buttons. The rest you can only add submenus to but not edit the button or even change their position. So if you want movies, tv, pictures & music from an addon like PlexKodiConnect or Emby... you have to disable all the home buttons but weather & settings pretty much. Then you have only 3 buttons to work with. Once you do that... you now have the top used items on the bottom of the list. If you have multiple TV folders or movie folders you'd like on the home screen... forget it!
Just to clarify; Ronie is the skinner of Transparency!

I guess you can say that home page face of T! is what gives it the character it has. I can appreciate what you're looking for and it's usage but I think it goes beyond the bounds of what T! represents to the majority of it's users. As suggested in another post, dig deep enough in the forums and you might turn up the magic thread, but as noted; it's a mod that would be limited to the iteration of software, without a differences table you would have to rebuild each update. Can I ask what brings you back to T! given your persistence in revisiting these pages?

My use of T! falls in the bounds that the skinner has provided, and other than a few cosmetic changes it fills my needs.
Oh yeah, I remember him now. I had fun talking to him once when I went way out of my own way to edit all the files in the skin to work with an emby addon. Had to learn all that stuff just to edit one skin. It took a couple of weeks to do it all.Then an update came & I had to do it all again & I said screw this! I'm not editing all these files every time something breaks, it's no my skin to maintain, I'll just use a skin like Titan. May not like the look as much but at least it works & I don't have to argue about it's lack of customization & be expected to edit the skin myself. It's just built in like most skins nowadays.

As to why I popped in... every once in awhile I look at the available skins & every time I try transparency again. I love the look of the skin but the lack of customization on the home screen & home screen only, is down right crazy. I get that he's a control freak about how the skin looks but changing the home page buttons doesn't even change the way it looks at all. But I still come check the forums before I uninstall the skin yet again. So here I am & the top post was the very thing I was checking. Rather amusing & aggravating all in one.

As to why I can't use it as is... I now use Plex as my server & I still prefer Kodi as my player. Plex lets you add things differently & in more ways than what you can do in Kodi so the Kodi only skins like this one, with no customization, don't work at all unless you only have Movies & TV Shows as folders & nothing else on your Plex server. There's no Music, Pictures, Music Videos, Home Videos, or any custom folders in these skins. All those types use custom links to the Plex servers data. Only Movies & TV Shows aren't & they include all the other types in them when used in the default Kodi way. Such as Movies also includes Music Videos & Home Videos. They aren't separated cuz Kodi doesn't know what they are. This is why it's now the norm to be able to customize the skins easily. More & more people are moving to servers like Plex but still can't live without Kodi. Plex does a fantastic job at being a server. Their players though... not so much. Kodi is the reverse. Great player, sucky server.

Sorry! If you can't tell it really annoys me that this is still an issue years later. Even with as many people asking for it. But it's not my skin so...
You are right, T! is not for you. I just happen to love this skin as is. I wouldn't want anything changed in it. But that's just me. I am happy to get this for free from a top skinner as Ronnie.
Hi.. sorry for my late reply...
i guess 2 or 3 custom home buttons would be nice...
Would be nice but it's never going to happen. Pretty much every other skin lets you customize the home screen buttons so... just use them cuz transparency isn't for you, is the official answer to this. At least it's the one I see every time it pops up. :-)
ahh what a pitty... but ok... transperancy is too nice to change it... so... tanks everyone who supports this thing...
(2016-11-08, 19:22)BooStar Wrote: [ -> ]i guess 2 or 3 custom home buttons would be nice...
It already has 3 customable buttons in the skin settings, on top of dozen home page buttons, and multiple sub menus off each. What you want is something like Estuary with everything on top, or open T! on the video page directly on launch with multiple sources in a view that makes you happy.
(2016-11-12, 19:40)PatK Wrote: [ -> ]It already has 3 customable buttons in the skin settings, on top of dozen home page buttons, and multiple sub menus off each. What you want is something like Estuary with everything on top, or open T! on the video page directly on launch with multiple sources in a view that makes you happy.

LOL You seem really happy about them 3 non movable customizable buttons & the 10 sub menus, like it's just to much to handle if it was more. You crack me up!
Ultimately Transparency! is open source - so if people really want more custom items then they can fork the skin and add them. Indeed, I created an example branch here in response to one person which shows the very basics of replacing the current menu system with one powered by the Skin Shortcuts script which would allow unlimited customisation (albeit a branch that would need rebasing on the months of improvements to the skin since then, and a hell of a lot of finish and cleanup needed on the actual implementation.)

Having said that, I personally support Ronie's decision to keep the menu system as is - a (comparatively - compared to other skins) limited system which still provides a good amount of customisation without having to deal with the huge the issues that come from full customisation. Whilst I might like to see the favourites script used for selecting custom items replaced with the Skin Shortcuts 'Just Select' method to allow easier selecting of a wide variety of custom items, more customisation simply isn't for every skin and the decision not to extend it in this skin is, for me, the right one. More importantly, it's clearly the right one for the skinner responsible.

(Plus the fact that I am given to understand that the plan is for Kodi to support menu customisation in core at some point - hopefully not too far - in the future.)
As I said, it's not my skin & not my responsibility. I just find it funny.

I personally have better things to do than fork a skin, but that's just me. :-)
The point of open source software is that you - or indeed anyone else, as I fully appreciate your point of view (especially as I know how long it took me to learn to skin in the first place) - can make it your responsibility Wink