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Full Version: Naming multiple episodes in one file
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I struggled a few years ago to get multiple episodes files (mostly for iso DVD Rips) working in Kodi (such as MyTvShow.S01E01E02E03.iso, MyTvShow.S01E04E05E06.iso, etc...), with specific regexp in advancedsettings.xml.
Everything has been working fine since "Isengard" (no regexp needed) and I have been a happy kodi user, since I decided to buy a new device (Odroid C2) and give "Jarvis" a try.

I only used local metadata with my existing .nfo files, which works fine on Isengard (the nfo file contains <episodedetails> for each episode).

All I get in my new Jarvis device is the 1st episode of all these tv shows files with multi-episodes... When I play them, I get the DVD menu and can access other episodes, but it is not very user-friendly.
So for my example :
MyTVShow Episode 1
MyTVShow Episode 4
MyTVShow Episode 7
Episodes 2, 3 and 5,6 won't show up.

I said to myself "Ohh they must have changed naming rules in Jarvis", so read the wiki once again, thought it should still work but yet tried another naming pattern : MyTvShow.S01E01.S01E02.S01E03.iso
Now, I have Episode 1 three times in Kodi...

What did I miss ? Could it have something to do with the device ?

Thanks in advance !

(PS : I think I will, eventually, re-rip all these DVDs to extract episodes... Probably the best way to get rid of multi-episodes issues, but in the meanwhile I'm still interested in solving this one :-) )
Not entirely certain about the episode naming - I'd need to look, as I've very few multi-episode files. However, have a look at makemkv, as I believe that will allow you to open your existing rips an save the episodes out to individual mkv files - no re-ripping, and no re-encoding, so it's quick.
Thanks for your quick answer !
I was trying to do exactly what you suggest, using... MakeMKV :-)
Seems to work great,fast and at least avoid re-ripping.

It seems that few people use this multi-episode files feature, so I guess this was not the right way...

Thanks for your help !