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Full Version: little code help
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Hi friends,
I need a little code help, want customize "showcase".

My directory nomenclature for movies ripped from Bluray is:
Accion Bluray, CiFi Bluray, Terror Bluray, etc...
This nomenclature show Bluray boxcase "blue case" for a directory, this is ok for me, and show Bluray boxcase "blue case" for all movies into the directory.
If the name of directory not content "bluray" skin show Gray box for this directory, for me better bluray box directory.

But this is the cuestion, into Accion bluray or any other directory with name "some bluray" I have movies not ripped from Bluray example HDTV.

The skin asume all movies into directory "some bluray" are blueray, but not for me.
I want customize this, I like show boxcase Bluray for a directory, but when I enter into a directory for view any movie I want see case for HDTV if the name of the movie is example.
somename (2016) [hdtv]....

bluray - blu-ray - bdrip (without 3d or 3dbd tag) = Bluray box
bluray - blu-ray - bdrip + 3d or 3dbd = 3D box
3d - 3dbd = 3D box
web = Web box
hdtv = HDTV box
dvd - .iso (without bluray or any other tag) - .ifo = dvd box
All others contents = default box + codec

which it is the xml who decides to show cover boxcase blueray or hdtv o any other box,
I know what into: skin.ace-master\720p
There are the xml and example: IncludesVariables.xml for show: .3dbd.,bluray.... or any other tag for show boxes

where is the code that decides box display? and, is posible customize for after reading the name of the directories, read the name of the movie and show another example HDTV box

Thanks friends, sorry for me English, I'm Spanish user.
Great work MarcosQui, I don't want use any other skin this is the better for me, more beautiful and wonderful skin ever.
waiting Ace2