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Full Version: Change Drives - Same files and folders
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I have KODI set up with an WD 4TB external hard drive. Its full to the limit now. I have everything set up how I'd like it.
I have another WD 5TB external hard drive (same series) with space and soon a larger drive to replace that.

I have exactly the same folder names and the same file names on both the 4TB and 5TB drive and some extra movies. Perhaps not the same volume name.

When I plug in the 5TB drive KODI says it cannot find the movie files and asks me if I want to remove it from the library.
Is there a quick and easy way to have KODI accept the files and folders it's already indexed, just so I can easily switch to the new drive?

They need to be mounted under the same path. I.e. in windows under the same drive letter like E:\ or D:\. On linux the same path like /media/user/volumename.
Yes, We're on Raspberry Pi3 via USB here. I guess I haven't found the solution yet.
I just gave you the solution. Make the volumename the same.
I tried. The 4TB was called sda2-ata-WDC_WD40EZRZ-00W so I renamed the 5TB the same and that didn't work. I'll try and just put a blank volume name.
What folder is each one mounted under?

SSH in with the 4TB connected and use the mount command to find out.

Then unplug the 4TB and plug in the 5TB. Run mount again and check where it is mounted.

The output of mount is contains a line like this:

/dev/sdb2 on /var/media/DISK type ext4 (rw,nosuid,nodev,noexec,noatime,data=ordered)

The bit we want in each case is /var/media/DISK

In my case the partition on the USB stick is called DISK.
Or just use path subs (wiki). As long as you keep track of what paths are being substituted, it should be fine. I had to do that with a NAS change where I couldn't make the exact path the same. Technically lazy, but it normally has no issues.