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Full Version: Custom Menus - is this still best practice?
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I would like to add a custom menu item to my skin, linked to a directory. I've changed from confluence to amber based on a recommendation I saw in a forum for this purpose. (Apparently this function can be hacked into confluence, but if you want to up date your skin in breaks stuff like this).

My goal is to separate content at the main menu.

Kids Movies linked to /media/wdpidrive/kidsmovies
Docos linked to /media/wdpidrive/documentaries
Movies linked to /media/wdpidrive/movies

Does anyone know if this postrepresents current 'best practice'? http://kodi.wiki/view/Smart_playlists#Sm..._for_video

I use Raspberry Pi 3 running OSMC. I'm a bit of a noob and have learnt ssh, crontab, scripts, nano and I can work my way through custom code / hacks / workarounds. (just Wink)

Cheers, Geoff.
Personally I prefer using video nodes (wiki) but either will work.
thanks, what to you think of this option http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=288710.

Library Node Editor
They are what I'm referring to. Video nodes are the library nodes for the video library.

You can use the add-on you mention to make creating them simpler via the GUI.