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Full Version: Movie Playback in Jarvis
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I am very new to Kodi so I do not know all of the tricks.

I have ripped a number of blu ray movies using AnyDVD and MyMovies. While most playback without a problem I have about 10 that do not. I click on the movie and nothing happens. I get an error message about one or more things went wrong with this file. I have read that it has something to do with Kodi finding the correct stream to play. For example, none of the Matrix movies will play, Spiderman 2, The Witch Hunter and more. Is there something that I am not checking or doing?

First thing you will be asked is for a Debug Log. What system are you running KODI on? What format are your movies in?
I rum my Kodi on a Cinema Monster made by HFX. I have ripped as BDMV files.

I will have to read on the log.

Not sure if this could help you. I currently do not have my BluRays ripped to anything other than MKV right now.

Is MKV a ripping software?

Where is the advanced settings?

(2016-10-11, 02:03)turbo5555 Wrote: [ -> ]Is MKV a ripping software?

Where is the advanced settings?


MKV is the file format. From what I was able to read the BDMV is just an information file. It does not contain any of the audio or video files. If you review the KODI wiki there is a link in there for advance settings. It is a lot of fun reading.
MyMovies was set to MKV uncompressed. I read through the thread on advanced settings and put in the xml document that suggested but still no change.
The next thing you need to do is post a log.