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Full Version: Fanart etc in centralized folder
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I realize I might be countercurrent since I can only find posts about people who want to do the opposite, but: some time ago I moved from kodibuntu to libreelec and I now have fanart, posters and nfo files plaguing my movies folders on the network instead of being centralized on the ssd I bought exactly for that kind of stuff. It's possible that this happened when I restored the backup from kodibuntu, because I don't see this happening for the new movies being added.

Now I have two questions:

In which xml and how to tell Kodi to only store nfo, fanart and posters in a specific folder as kodibuntu was doing.

How to correctly cleanup the mess I have now. I could just delete all nfo, fanart and posters but I'm afraid the are referenced in some table in the library db. I can manage that, but I don't know in which tables these references might be.
Outside of being messy, they're not used except for the initial scan and any reloading of an already scanned title. They should be safe to delete, though.