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Full Version: Dolby Digital sound drops out every 7 seconds
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Hi all,

I got a weird problem when playing high quality videos through Kodi via my android box t95m.
Whenever I play a Dolby Digital file (say streaming video with Dolby Digital etc., or playing off home network) i notice that every 7 seconds the sound stuttuers/glitches/drops out (not sure how to best describe it).
Its as if someone turned it off for 0.001 of a second.

I have Kodi 16 audio settings as follows:

Channels: 2
Ouput: Optimized
Passthrough: Enabled
DD and DTS enabled receiver

Not sure what it could be the problem as i tested the speakers & av receiver with Blu Ray player and it works fine.

Any advice would be appreciated
Post a Debug Log for help.
It's worth checking out this thread over at Freaktab, where AMlogic S905x boxes have exactly this issues that was solved by the user that produced the modded firmware with a passthrough fix apk.


I'm not saying that it will work on your box but it won't harm to ask for the apk to test it.
(2016-10-13, 15:03)huizingajm Wrote: [ -> ]Post a Debug Log for help.

Here is the link to the log file: