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Full Version: Backup addon stops at 100%
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Hi guys,

I am using the krypton alpha 3 on my pi2 with libreelec and a easyvdr 2.3 attached to it. Seems to work pretty solid so far. As in this stage it is normal that you experiment and try a bit a backup is always needed more frequently. So the backup addon is used. Now my problem. I save the backup as a compressed zip on my server over Lan. Everything runs through but at a 100% the backup stays forever. It never ends [MONKEY FACE]

No message shown or anything. Just cutting the wire helps and then everything works perfect again and backup is shown. Any suggestions?

Greets and thanks in advance

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Thread moved to program add-ons.
Thanks. Didn't know it where right here. [GRINNING FACE WITH SMILING EYES]

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