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Full Version: The best projector - the best husband
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Anybody, please recommend me a good projector for watching films. I want to do the outdoor party with movie preview for my wife. Her birthday is coming soon, so I must be the best husband)Angel
There are companies that will rent to the equipment for very little money.
I researched this for the Olympics. Ended up using one from work with a screen. It's not that expensive to rent though as that was my back up option. Ran a 100' Ethernet cable to my laptop outside and was able to watch my hdhomerun
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Ben's W1070 is what I have, it's great
Depends on budget for projector and budget for the screen. And also in which country and county you live in.

Decide on a exact and specific budget first and let us know that, then you can find the best your budget can bug.

Wirecutter will give you some ideas, see example: http://m.thewirecutter.com/leaderboard/projectors/
The BenQ HT2050/3050 or W1070 depending on your budget.
Opt something from these:www.amazon.com, cloodjo.com
The gift is for your wife, so you can choose the coloured projector.Big Grin
Thanks to all!! Sorry, for my late answer. At the beginning, I wanted to rent the system, like it was advised by bry, but I decided it is a present for my wife too. So, I bought epson vs240. p.s. My wife is satisfied and happy)
(2016-10-31, 11:12)Vugore Wrote: [ -> ]Opt something from these:www.amazon.com, cloodjo.com
The gift is for your wife, so you can choose the coloured projector.Big Grin

Vugore, I think the white projector is the coloured projector too)Wink
(2016-11-01, 09:50)Johnny999 Wrote: [ -> ]I bought epson vs240
Why did you buy a Epson VS240? Sorry but that is a horrible choice for home cinema, sports, or gaming as it will always be rescaling.

Though your wife might be happy right now I asure you that you are going to be disappointed with it sooner rather than later.

EPSON VS240 has native 800 x 600 SVGA resolution which doesn't match the aspect ratio for any movies or game consoles.

I understand that it must have been cheap but regardless it was absolutly the wrong choice for home cinema or gaming.

My recommendation is to return it and buy almost any other projector that have either 720p or 1080p native resolution.

You want native resolution of 720p (1280×720 pixels; also called "HD Ready") or 1080p (1920x1080 px; also known as "Full HD").


Since can get an 'ok' projector today with native 1080p resolution relativly cheap there is really no reason to buy a new 720p either.

My suggestion if you have a small budget is to find a deal on either a new BenQ TH670 or a new InFocus ScreenPlay SP1080.

If your budget to small to buy even buy one of those then consider fiding and buying a used one with not to many hours on the lamp.