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Full Version: Can't find MediaPortal PVR Client on Krypton (Android)
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recently upgraded from Jarvis to Krypton RC3 my Android devices. After upgrading my MediaPortal TV Setup was removed completely. I can't find it in the "My Addons" section either. On Windows version everything is fine.

Any idea, why the MediaPortal Client was removed and how to restore it?

The problem exists only on my 2 Android devices (Fire TVs). And not on my 3 Windows devices.

Thank you in advance
Same with my android devices.
x86 also arm. Please don't give up MP Tv server.
Argus has many features, But i grew up with MP Tv Server over ten Years.
I tried Tvheadend and so on. I have a quiet perfect solution with TVServer related to Web grab and series recording.
And in my opinion there is nothing stable as MP TV Server.
Please help!
+1 here as well.... can't find MediaPortal on any of my Nvidia Shield Android devices.

Thanks in advance.
May someone knows wich was the latest v17 with working MP PVR ? Would like to test the Deinterlacing with the Beta Shield Software.
My last working MP PVR is:
I hope it helps...
Thanks, will try on sunday.
Can someone explain why mp pvr has gone?
and especially why, or can someone confirm that it comes back?
I've no idea why the MediaPortal PVR addon is missing.
Is the MediaPortal PVR addon the only PVR addon that is missing or are all PVR addons missing?
I believe a few days ago all PVR addons were missing for one nightly but every other one i tried last week it was just MP that was missing.
I just installed last nights nightly (kodi-20161023-48f2dbd-master-armeabi-v7a) and all PVR add-ons have gone.
Installed last nights nightly (kodi-20161024-3dc6b24-master-armeabi-v7a) and I now have a list of PVR add-ons again but MediaPortal isn't one of them
I had MP2 working on Kodi v17 beta3 (Windows 10), until I upgraded this morning to beta4. Now I get the error that MP addon is missing.
Installed beta 5 but I still can't find MP as a PVR plugin.

MP worked ok with Kodi 16 but since updating to 17 I can no longer find MP or any settings relating to it....What can I do to try and debug this?
+ 1

The same problem here.
I think it was still available in Krypton beta 1...
Dear devs - please check!
The addon is missing because it does not compile for Android anymore since I added live555 rtsp support.
I'm currently working on a fix. If that does not work, I will disable live555 for Android as a workaround to fix the build.

See also: issue #49

Update: I've submitted a change that hopefully fixes the compile error. I can't compile-test myself, so I have to wait on the build results from Kodi Jenkins.
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