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Full Version: Log/storage Mem Cpu constantly on screen
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Can anyone please help I am using a fire stick and I constantly have LOG:/storage/emulated/0/android/data etc etc running in the top left hand corner of my screen, it's driving me insane, I have obviously pressed something I shouldn't have, can anybody help?
In Settings -> System -> Logging toggle the Enable debug logging setting to disable.

You've got debug logging enabled, which is generating that info overlay.
Thanks Darren, it worked, ended my stress!
Thank you, Darren I had the similar things happen to me Lol (about 3 days) hahahaha
No more digits running across on the top left hand side. I didn't know there was a Kodi Forum.
Thumbs up Big Grin
Thread marked solved.
Thank you. You just saved me from losing my mind. 👍🏼
Thank you too