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Full Version: Music Media Helper App (Tools for Concerts & Audio)
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I’ll add ‘comment’ to the CSV export with next update.

Also, I’m pretty sure you can also export to csv with the Report tool. There’s a number of output options and I think csv is included (I’m on my iPad now so can’t run MMH)
Hello, I've downloaded this great little app for the main purpose of adding a silent centre channel and lfe to Quad mixes.  I'm using the usb input on a Sony blu ray player and it only plays the front channels of 4.0 mixes.  However, when I process the files through the app, it also converts them from 24 bit to 16 bit.  Is this supposed to happen, or is there some setting I'm missing?  Thank you
I've just discovered that this leaves the files unplayable on my device, it says they are corrupted or an unsupported codec
What version of MMH are you using? What MMH tool are you using? The Remix Channel tool should only change channel order.

Its possible the Sony needs a 6 channel file (adding both a silent C and LFE).
Hi Homerjau, I'm using version 4.0.16.  I went in to remix channel layout and I've tried both silent centre and both C and LFE.  Both times I started with a 24 bit file, and both gave me a 16 bit file after processing.  The source file is a 192khz Wav file.
Thanks for the info @blue1million 

After testing I can confirm that ffmpeg (used by MMH for the channel remix) converts 24 bit WAV to 16 bit WAV.  24 bit FLAC remains as 24 bit FLAC.

I'll fix this for WAV in MMH and publish an update asap. I'll post here when the fix is published.
Music Media Helper 4.0.17 released

Version 4.0.17 (February 1 2021)
Remix Channel Layout Tool: Change in version 4.0.8 caused 24bit WAV to be converted 16 bit WAV - fixed
Updated ffmpeg components
Thanks for the speedy response Homerjau, unfortunately I just tried it and it is still converting the wav file to 16 bit.  I will try converting them to flac later today, as you say that should work.  Just letting you know that, at least for me, it's still converting to 16 bit.
Thanks for the feedback. I’ll check it again shortly.
Music Media Helper 4.0.18 released

Version 4.0.18 (February 1 2021)
4.0.17 Installer not built correctly
Updated mkv components
Music Media Helper 4.1.4 Released

Recent changes (many I've been on a roll!) - See the first post here with updated screen shots and features.

Those that have use Music Media Helper (MMH) to split concert discs will be please to know concert song tracks can now be found from a MusicBrainz online tagger in MMH.

Version 4.1.4 (March 24 2021)
Musicbrainz Tagging feature: If a multi disc release now shows tracks by disc
Musicbrainz Tagging feature: Added ability to Stop a web search in progress
Musicbrainz Tagging feature: Only unique releases are now shown (country is ignored)
Musicbrainz Tagging feature: New preference to fetch First Release as Year (e.g. Abbey Road first released in 1969, BDA releasd in 2019 - take your pick)
Musicbrainz Tagging feature: New preference to fetch Only First Genre
MKV Chapter Editor tool: Added Musicbrainz Tagging (only for BDA albums and BDV concerts)
MKV Chapter Editor tool: Add creation of CUE files for MKVs with chapters
MKV Chapter Editor tool: Add change Default Audio Stream command
Split & Rename Concerts: Users can now change the Default Audio Stream
Updated MKV components
Updated PDF docs

Version 4.1.3 (March 20 2021)
Split & Rename Concerts: Added fetching track names from MusicBrainz online database
Rename/Tagging Media Files tool: Added support for tagging files for MKV output
Musicbrainz Tagging dialog: Now displays Media Type for releases found (CD, SACD, Blu-ray etc)
Updated PDF docs

Rename/Tagging Media Files tool: Failed to save Genre tag - fixed
Musicbrainz Tagging: Now fetches Genre

Music Media Helper 4.1.2 released

Version 4.1.2 (March 15 2021)
Extract Audio from MKV tool: Added support for MKV and MP4 output (NOTE 1)
Extract Audio from MKV tool: Added new Preference to set FLAC Compression Level (Defaults to Level 5) - in new Preferences dilog
Extract Audio from MKV tool: Added support for tagging MKV and MKA files
Rename/Tagging Media Files tool: Added support for tagging MKV and MKA files (NOTE 2)
Updated PDF docs

Channel Delay tool: Files with long paths/filenames caused Apply button to be hidden - fixed
Channel Volume tool: Files with long paths/filenames caused Apply button to be hidden - fixed

NOTE 1: MKV and MP4 files contain a copy of the video and selected audio streams
NOTE 2: MKV and MKA tags are not supported by many applications including Kodi, so may not be too useful (yet)

Version 4.1.0 (March 1 2021)
New Feature:
Added new tool: Channel Delay to enable channel alignment/delay editing for multichannel FLAC, WAV and DSF files

Channel Remix tool: Added support for DSF files to Invert Phase option
Resample tool: No longer forced to overwrite source files with resampled, new option to create new files under source folder
Edit Chapters in MKV/MKA tool: Added new command to export Chapter file to text file
Updated PDF docs

Edit Chapters in MKV/MKA tool: MMH now displays current Chapter Names (previously displayed current as Chapter Numbers)
Resample tool: Resampling WAVs incorrectly saved as a converted FLAC file named .wav - fixed (to recover file rename .wav to .flac)

Removed Code Signing Certificate (Expired) in version 4.0 - Installer will show 'Unknown Publisher'

NOTE: I have chosen not to renew the code signing certificate as it costs me $200 every two years and this is free software.

When installing you will now see 'Unknown Publisher' in the Windows security warning dialog (the same as any other unsigned Windows program you download).
@HomerJau Been using your "Win Music Helper App" in addition to other extraction tools to assist in conversion of my older DVD concerts into mkv files that can make best use of Kodi music related capabilities. Cool
(Most typically using "Split and Rename Concerts" option, to separate each chaptered concert track from a full concert.mkv into an individual named.mkv with corresponding named.nfo)

Tool is proving extremely helpful indeed with task, thanks for developing and constantly maintaining/improving.

I am currently not sure how best to work with 4 DVD multi artist concert of Live 8

i.e. within a Videos\Various Artists – Live 8 One Day, One Concert, One World folder, this is my current concert.nfo

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
  <title>Various Artists: Live 8: One Day, One Concert, One World</title>
  <artist>Various Artists</artist>
  <album>Live 8: One Day, One Concert, One World</album>

And in same folder I have (.mkv) 116 concert tracks in total, where each track represents an individual Artist(s)/Song track from concert, the following is example for my track 4 which is last U2 track at concert on first DVD

004. U2 - One.nfo
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
   <title>004. U2 - One</title>
   <artist>Various Artists</artist>
   <album>Live 8: One Day, One Concert, One World</album>

I am wondering if you had previous feedback and/or have considered providing further granular control of how each .nfo detailed information is being created (and subsequently edited?) in these situations?

Rather than have a folder per DVD, I attempted to have a single folder and use three digit track numbers which I don’t believe is directly supported in your tool. (Not sure this is good idea at all, as think I miss-understand how pre-set of disc 1, 2, 3, 4 works on created .mkv/.nfo order numbering of files?)
Would it be possible for example to extract Artist(s) information from prepared filename(s) and include as artist within each created .nfo?

I had not appreciated that Audio & Video tools "Rename/Tag Media Files" provided method to rework/rename files (+ ability to add tags but these tags not currently saved with created mkv files and no option to modify container?)

It could be useful to have control over editing of typical .nfo information for each .mkv file in similar manner to adding/editing of tag info i.e. via Bulk edit?

Anyway just some feedback/thoughts from a learner user of your app.
Thanks for your feedback and questions @MikeKL 

I’m happy to improve on what’s in Music Media Helper. Kodi’s Music Video nfo tags are fairly limited though so we’ve got to work within that limitation. Music Videos don’t have a ‘Disc’ tag both ‘Album Artist’ and ‘Artist’ tag like Kodi’s Music library, it just has ‘Artist’ which needs to be ‘Various Artists’ if you want all your music videos to be grouped into the same group in Kodi’s UI.

Music Media Helper (MMH) supports a Disc Number by prefixing the track number with a Disc No.

Example for your U2 track would be named this if Disc 1:
1.04. U2 - One

I think this would resolve your issue? I can also allow users to generate 3 digit track prefixes like your example too with a new preference option for huge concerts with > 99 tracks.

Now you’ve brought this up I’m wondering whether you can use MMH’s Rename and Tag tool to add a disc prefix to the music video names and recreate the NFOs? I’ll check it out when on my PC shortly (early morning here and I’m on my iPad).

I can also look to allow individual NFO file editing from the grid. I’ll look into that also.

MMH can also now tag MKVs but I’ve not checked if Kodi’s Music Video library reads those tags. The audio library does not, because it doesn’t read track tags which is needed for the Kodi music data model.

Do you have other specific tag data you’d like to add?

I’ll get back to you later today


I've just published an MMH update that should help you with a couple of changes:
  1. Adding support for 3-digit track numbers if you have > 99 files
  2. Adding selected rows (files) to Renumbering to allow you to add a Disc prefix to file names just for the selected rows in the Rename & Tag grid:
Please try this version and get back to me with any queries or suggestions.

Use the Rename and Tag tool, load all your Live 8 files. You can then use Re-Number files to change the ‘New Name’, then ‘Rename’. Then create new NFOs.

PDF docs updated with:

Renumbering Files
Sometimes you may wish to add a Disc Number prefix to all the files in a folder to help breakdown a large music compilation or music concert.
MMH’s normal file naming is in the form shown below with a two-digit track prefix added:
TrackNo. Title - example: 01. My Track’s Title.mkv
NOTE: MMH uses a two-digit track prefix if the number of files in the grid < 100. If the number of tracks in the grid >99, MMH uses a 3-digit track prefix (example for > 100 files: 001. My Track’s Title.mkv)
Disc Numbering:
Setting the ‘Disc No’ in the toolbar adds a disc prefix to the file name:
Disc.TrackNo. Title - example: 1.01. My Track’s Title.mkv
This tool supports selecting specific tracks in the grid, using Windows CTRL-Click, SHFT-Click (range) etc and renumbering only the selected files. This enables users to select groups of tracks and adding or changing the Disc prefix. Example:
Select the first 20 tracks, set Disc Number to ‘1’, then click: ‘Re-Number files’.
Now select tracks 21 to 30, set Disc Number to ‘2’, then click: ‘Re-Number files’

Changelogs since the last one I published here on the Kodi forum:

Music Media Helper 4.1.11 released

Version 4.1.11 (April 26 2021)

Rename & Tagging tool: Added 'Add Files' button. Previously selecting a folder added all files in the folder
Rename & Tagging tool: Video Mode: Added option to select files in the grid and renumber only those selected
Rename & Tagging tool: Video Mode: If > 99 files, files name track number prefix now uses 3 digits
Updated PDF docs

Channel Remix tool: User Defined Remix graphic not scaled correctly when Windows Display scaling is > 100% - fixed 

Version 4.1.10 (April 18 2021)
Extract Audio from MKV: Selecting multiple MKVs, if all have same streams, only ask user for Default stream once
Minor UI updates
Updated PDF docs

Version 4.1.9 (April 15 2021)
Merge MKV and FLAC tool: Added option to remove any existing FLAC stream prior to adding new FLAC stream
Channel Split/Merge tool: Added Duration to gridview
Extract Audio from MKV tool: Added Duration to gridview
Updated ffmpeg components to 4.4

Version 4.1.8 (April 14 2021)
Channel Split/Merge tool: Added mono wav files named .lss, .rss, .lsr & rsr to files recognised for merge
Updated MKV components
Updated MediaInfo

Channel Split/Merge tool: Split: Failed on 16 bit wav files - fixed
Channel Split/Merge tool: Merge: Incorrect side/rear channel order for 7.1 mono files - fixed
Channel Split/Merge tool: Merge: Progress bar hidden - fixed
Extract Audio from MKV tool: Converting 24 bit audio to WAV incorrectly created 16 bit WAV - fixed
Resample Tool: Changing bit depth was ignored - fixed

Version 4.1.7 (April 3 2021)
Rename/Tagging tool: Copy Titles to New Name toolbar button hidden (issue in 4.1.6) - fixed
Musicbrainz Tagging feature: Preference to fetch First Release Year as Year issue - fixed

Version 4.1.6 (March 31 2021)
New Feature:
MusicBrainz Tagging: Added Tag Edit Dialog to enable bulk editing for all files/tracks in an album

Tagging Copy Text dialog: Moved Remove Leading and Trailing Numbers to a new menu
Tagging Copy Text dialog: Added new 'Remove user defined text' to menu
Tools with Tagging grids: Added new CTRL + A key to select all track rows
Moved tool 'Split MKV/MKA to MKA' tool functionality to 'Extract Audio from MKV' tool
Removed tool 'Split MKV/MKA to MKA' (functionality now redundant)
Extract Audio from MKV tool: Added Save CUE file button, Added Clear List button
Updated PDF docs
3rd party tools updated (UI library)

Media Manager tool: Crash on scanning System folders - fixed
All tools with recursive sub-folder scanning now ignore System folders
Various UI and code cleanup

Version 4.1.5 (March 26 2021)
Musicbrainz Tagging feature: Crash if release not found (issue in 4.1.4)
MKV Chapter Editor tool: CUE creation did not use audio Frames (used MKV milliseconds)
(2021-04-25, 23:52)HomerJau Wrote: [ -> ]Do you have other specific tag data you’d like to add?

Hello HomerJau. I would suggest the addition of plot tag to the .nfo
<plot>what ever information</plot>
and maybe
<director></director> don't know how useful that would be though.
I have made some manual additions with that those tags, it works great.
(2021-04-25, 23:52)HomerJau Wrote: [ -> ]I can also look to allow individual NFO file editing from the grid. I’ll look into that also.
For the various artists I have altered some .nfo;s with the bigger artists that appear, that I alreay have a regular concert with so that various concert appear in that artists regular concerts.
for example:
<artist>Various Artists / AC/DC</artist>
i think it's the same thing to add:
<artist>Various Artists</artist>

So be able to simply add a second artist in individual .NFO would be useful.
Also, I really do like this software.
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