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Full Version: Loading profiles from outside of settings
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Is there any way to enable the web interface before logging into a profile?

I couldn't find anything about.
I'm guessing no, as the profile determines what databases to use.

Could be wrong though...
And maybe enabling some kind of guest user?

By now i have one guest profile and kodi log in automatically to it, and then i load my profile from settings, but i can have only one private profile because all should know master user password to load their profile
what's the end result you are looking for?
I want it to be headless, so i need to be able to controll it before loading any profile, and obviously i need more than one profile.
wondering why you need profiles on a headless unit.. I guess you are updating 2 different databases on this Pi using some automation?

Maybe you can script it by using list_of_built-in_functions (wiki)


Load the specified profile. If prompt is not specified, and a password would be required for the requested profile, this command will silently fail. If promp' is specified and a password is required, a password dialog will be shown.


Runs Kodi in master mode
Can you add one example of LoadProfile usage, i've been trying for a while and i can't make it work (never asks for passwords or load any profile)
Have a look at this post for some examples of how to send commands to the JSON RPC
2418722 (post)
Thanks now i have it working properly Smile
good stuff!