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Full Version: Texturepacker randomly removing comma's from filenames
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Hi all,
When creating a textures.xbt file with texturepacker.exe (and the TextureTool GUI) commas are being removed from filenames seemingly at random. In the screenshot below atari, inc..png is change to atari inc..png (highlighted files, pre xbt on left, extracted xbt on right). Two rows directly beneath commas remain in both filenames. I've tried with dupe checking both on and off with identical results.


Output of texturepacker.exe running on Win10 x64 (sorry, too big for pastebin). Nothing obviously wrong in there.

This is a strange one and has me stumped. Any help with this issue is greatly appreciated!

EDIT Same thing seems to be happening with texture Packer on Linux. Right now I don't have access to a windows machine with notepad++ to check the files, but the studio icons are not showing in Kodi.
i don't think it's an issue with texturepacker... it's more likely caused by the extractor tool you're using.

if i use the studios resource addon in my skin, it has no problem displaying studio icons with a ',' in their name.
The thing is that the icons aren't being displayed in Kodi and I'm only extracting them to try and work out what's up because it's happening with three different texture packers. I've made sure the studio and filename are identical to no avail. Is there a recommended extraction tool?

EDIT: I think I know what the issue is - the comma is a special character of some sort. I dont know why its different, but I hand typed the file name and my linux systems is allowing me to keep the original and copy in the same directory. Both filenames look identical, so it have me stumped whats different between the two.