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Full Version: TVHeadend not finding all channels
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I’m running TVheadend server and client on a Raspberry pi 2 with openelec 6.0.3 (Kodi 16). I can get it up and running ok to watch and record but have an issue where the channel scan is not picking up all the available DVB-T channels. I'm in Spain and have entered the list of muxes manually. The same list picks up all available channels on my samsung TV so it’s not the aerial or connection. I have been using a Realtek RTL2832U + R820T USB adaptor plugged directly into the Pi. When plugged into a W10 laptop the same adaptor picks up all the available channels so I dont think the problem is with the receiver. The pi is using a 25000ma supply with max_usb_current=1 so I don´t think its a power issue. I think that leaves me with a problem with TVheadend. Any Idea how I can force it to scan the missing channels or any other Ideas on what the problem could be?