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Full Version: Is ListItem.Year available @ episodes level?
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As the title states is this property available @ episodes level, I have it @ seasons but when dropping down to episodes it reverts to the year of the very first season / episode?

I know listitem.premiered is available @ episodes level but just wondered if there is a year version also? If not guess I'll need to do a change with visibles depending on container content.


ListItem.Year    Shows the year of the currently selected song, album or movie in a container
so, its just lucky that it works @ both TVSHOWS and SEASONS levels? and works 100% correctly as well?
i don't think it works correctly at season level?

looking at the source-code, kodi uses the 'premiered' date to determine the year and not the 'aired' date.
10770 (PR)
Thanks for the info Ronie. Guess that means using either aired or premiered @ episodes level then as it looks like your PR is just to use the aired date and not open up for episodes as well.

It gave the impression of working @ seasons level, have all seasons of 24 and my lowlist view shows the correct year for each season, but if using premiered then it may not be 100% so apologies on my assumption there.
ah, you're right about seasons. it currently works ok.

my pr fixes the problem for episodes.
it now returns the year of the episode itself (firstaired), instead of the year of the very first episode (premiered).
(see screenshots i've added to the pr)
Looks good Ronie. Thank you very much.